Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to download the VRSHOW client?

Enter the Official Website:www.vrshow.com

2. How to Install the VRSHOW client?

1.1If system remind that your computer is protected when double clicking the install file, please click ‘more information’, then click ‘continue anyway’ to complete the installation.

1.2 During the process of installing, if antivirus software intercept the action, please click ‘allow to access all the operations’.

1.3 During the process of installing, an installation suggestion about necessary plug-in may be came out, please ensure install success

1.4 Complete the installation, please restart the computer

1. Why the headset cannot be light up when connecting?

1.1 Please ensure your hardware satisfied the recommended configuration shown as below:

Model CPU Graphics Card Memory Operating System
3Glasses S1 Intel i7 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980or above, and ensure your graphics driver to the latest 8GB or above win7/win8/win10,32 bits or 64bits or all recommended64bits
3Glasses D23Glasses D1S3Glasses D1 Intel i5-4590and above NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD R9 290and above, and ensure your graphics driver to the latest

1.2 Please ensure the headset connect to Discrete Graphics’ interfaces of USB and HDMI/DP, and check for loose connections. Recommend to connect the interface of USB3.0

2. Why the headset cannot be shown in my device management, or a static image in the headset?

2.1 Re-plugged the connection line, if the problem unsolved, please continue to the next step.

2.2 Restart the sever, method as following: enter ‘task management’ on PC, click ‘Serve’ from background processes, then select ‘End Process’. If the problem unsolved after re-log in VRSHOW client, please contact our customer service.

3. Why the image shown in the headset is upside down.

Please open the client, select ‘equipment panel’ from device management, then click ‘display’ to adjust.

4. Why the firmware update is failure?

Please ensure your network is working, re-plugged the connection and try again.

5. Why the device information still cannot be shown in the device management after firmware update successfully

5.1 Please re-plugged the connection between device and PC

5.2 The display of headset should be set as

1. Why the thumbnail of the resource cannot be seen?

1.1 If it is online resource, it might be because the internet interrupted or the internet speed is too slow. Please check your internet connection.

1.2If it is local resource, please check to see if the downloaded resource has been moved or deleted.

2. How to download and play online resources?

2.1 You can log in the Client, find the resource and click the button to download and play.

2.2 Some resources need to be paid to download. Please make sure that your account has funds to buy the resources.

3. Why I fail to download the online resource?

Please make sure that the internet connection is working normally and the memory is sufficient. If the download interrupts, please click the DOWNLOAD button to continue.

4. How to add local resources?

You can enter the page of My Resource and add a local resource to this page.

5. Why some videos fail to be added or their pictures cannot be shown normally?

3Glasses The player only support these following video format. (*.avi;*.flv;*.f4v;*.mp4;*.mov;*.wmv;*.mpeg;*.mpg;*.mkv;*.ts);

When you add a local video or modify the setting of the video, please choose a correct video format. The player supports “left/right split screen、up/down split screen、single picture full view、up/down split screen full view” four types.

6. Why my game cannot run normally when started?

6.1 You should make sure that the game was developed on 3Glasses SDK.

6.2 It might be because the game is not compatible with your system environment. For example, some games only support bit system and are not compatible with bit system.

6.3 If the game still cannot run normally, please uninstall other similar software or tool which might cause conflict.

7. Why when I click “Open Mirror” but the resource doesn’t show in the mirror?

PC You should right click “personalization” in the desktop, choose the theme wallpaper, open the copy screen when you play the resource and click the confirm button of the prompt box.

8. Why I can’t use the mouse when I start the game.

You can use these ‘windows’ methods to call ‘Alt’+‘Tab’ out the mouse.

9. How to fast forward the video?

You can use your mouse to drag the progress bar.

10. How to quit the resource?

You can close the application ‘Alt’+‘F4’。

1. VRSHOW How to update the Client online?

VRSHOW You can click the button “Check the Updates”

2. VRSHOW Why I fail to update the Client?

2.1 You should make sure that your internet connection works.

2.2 Please go to our website and download the latest version of the Client.