About us

VRSHOW aims to create a one-stop service platform for the VR dreamers from all over the world. It provides hardware, technical support, market instructions, distribution channel and capital support to the VR content.

VRSHOW is a service platform created for VR dreamers ‘to SHOW out the best of their own’.So far, VRSHOW has released several contents from the world, for example, Cloudsland: VR Minigolf, A-10 VR, Wanderer: The Rebirth, Sexy Rhythm, Ghost in Coffin, Mortal Blitz and so on. There are massive contents whether it is leisure sports, FPS, adventure puzzle or music.

VSHOW is also the dream of the creator of VR, has many partners from all over the world to establish a depth of cooperation. For example, Crytek, Skonec, Futuretown, Gree and Ubisoft. It is a VR resource platform covering VR games, VR video, VR travel, VR social and other fields.